Anoushka Evdokimov

The Collection focuses on the dissociation from nature we tend to have in adulthood. We enter sort of human bubble, after childhood where we often forget the natural world around us and the negative impact we have on it on a daily basis.

Children and Elders tend be more in touch with their natural surroundings, having less of an impact. Their dress styles are one component of inspiration for this collection, others are that of shapes and textures found in both manmade and natural shapes and textures. The research concept of Thermoregulation in the human organism is also a reference point through the use of material padding and negative space in the garments, as well as the concept of a highly modular and customizable personal uniform.

The aim is to combine avant-garde comfort with sustainability, in garments that are highly adaptable to various, sometimes extreme environments, taking visual interpretation of manmade and natural shapes and textures into creative interpretations through Fashion.

The visual mission is to give the customer a range of uniform pieces that are transformable, to be wearable for a wide variety of occasions and to maximize personal expression in how garments can be worn.

The garments themselves are made out of entirely deadstock materials and transformable to allow for a wider range of wearability to curb consumerism and reflect upon personal uniform.


Christian Glover, Ajani Dharmapala

Ava Ferguson, Alvina Bokhari, Bria Rene Scott